Our Ghost and Vampire Tour is our premier event. The tour leaves nightly from Johnny White’s Hole in the Wall, 718 Bourbon Street at 7:30pm. Adult ticket prices are $25, call or text 504-638-2895 for questions.

New Orleans has a colorful and often tragic history. Join the Master Storytellers that created New Orleans original Ghost and Vampire Tours for an incomparable walk through the streets of the French Quarter, and an in depth examination of a grim, and darker side of history.

Hear of the infamous murders, suicides, and other tragedies that have inspired such famous authors as Anne Rice, Poppy Z. Brite and Robert Lynn Asprin. Walk down darkened streets as our skilled raconteurs use their words to paint pictures in your mind and show you the TRUE stories of the French Quarter really are stranger than fiction.

What is a ghost? What is a haunting? What is the difference between a vampire of fiction, and those of history or legend? Find out the answers to these intriguing questions on New Orleans Original Paranormal Expedition.